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PMD confirms Gnanasara took part in President’s function in Japan

The Presidential Media Division (PMD) has confirmed  that Gnanasara accompanied the Chief Incumbents of Buddhists Temples in Japan for meeting with the President, which was organized by the embassy o Sri Lanka in Japan, although it denied that the extremist monk  was included in the Sri Lankan delegation accompanied the President on his state visit to Japan,.

“Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera arrived in Japan on a personal visit before the commencement of the President’s tour to Japan, and the Thera participated in a meeting which was organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan to provide an opportunity to the Sri Lankan community in Japan to meet the President,” the President’s Media Unit said in a media release.

Many in the country have expressed extreme displeasure of this meeting, especially in the aftermath of the racist attacks.

In the meantime,  Colombo Chief Magistrate issued an arrest warrant to Gnanasara  for not presenting in Court in connection with a case filed against him.

Gnanasara was not present before the Magistrate Lal Ranasinghe Bandara over an allegation that he  had allegedly made a hate speech tantamount to hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community in the country.  The Organized Crimes Prevention Division had filed a B report in Court in this regard.

Gnanasara  leads the ultra extremist Buddhist organisation Bodu Bala Sena,  which has been accused of all the violent attacks against the minority Muslims in the country ever since the organisation was formed. There are many pending court cases against Gnanasara related to hate speech and violence. He has been accused as one of the main architects of the last week racial riots against Muslims in Kandy that saw hundred of Muslim owned properties and mosques attacked and destroyed.


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