Sri Lanka

30 Muslim villages attacked in Sri Lanka, 3 Muslims killed, 27 Mosques, 500 Muslim owned houses and business destroyed within 48 hours by Buddhist terrorists in Sri Lanka

In a wave of anti-Muslim terror rampage in Sri Lanka, 30 Muslim villages were attacked by far-right Sinhalese Buddhist terrorist groups.

3 Muslims were killed while the terrorists torched Muslim-owned shops, houses and mosques. In total 27 mosques have been partially burned or vandalized. Many of the attack took place while there were nation-wide curfew. Some attacks took place in from of the police or armed forces, as per the photos and videos circulated in the social media.

Muslims make up nearly 10% of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people, who are predominantly Sinhalese Buddhists.   Buddhist extremist violence targeting Muslim minority communities are frequent in Sri Lanka in the recent years, after the government had defeated Tamil Tigers.

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